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The salome dancer

a multimedia chamber opera in 2 acts
Tim Brady - music
John Sobol - libretto
Commissioned and produced by NUMUS Concerts, in collaboration with
Bradyworks and the Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound.
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Premiere: April 27 + 28, 2005, King Street Theatre, Kitchener, Ontario

Tamara Hummel
(The Dancer)
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The opera is a mythic tale of prime-time murder, madness and stardom - the conflict of public celebrity and

personal creativity as seen through the morbid lens of contemporary media culture. This original tale is

inspired by events in the life of Maud Allan (1873 - 1956), with additional information coming from

"The Salome Dancer: The Life and Times of Maud Allan", by Felix Cherniavsky (McClelland & Stewart, 1991).

The Cast
Terence Mierau - The Preacher
Tamara Hummel - The Dancer
Michael Donovan - The Reporter
Ian Funk - The Inspector

Bradyworks ensemble
Tim Brady - electric guitar
Pamela Reimer - piano / sampler
Philip Hornsey - percussion
André Leroux - soprano saxophone
Lori Freedman - bass clarinet
Jody Davenport - viola
Paul Pulford - conductor

Anne-Marie Donvovan - director
John Price and Michael LeBlanc - film and video
Renée Brode - lighting
Lea Carlson - set and costume design
Marie-Josée Chartier - original choreography

Scene 1 - The Sermon
Scene 2 - The Crime
Scene 3 - The Drug
Scene 4 - The Lie
Scene 5 - The Demons
Scene 6 - The Silent Treatment
Scene 7 - The Interview
Scene 8 - Temptation
Scene 9 - Interrogation
Scene 10 - Consummation
Scene 11 - Sacrifice
Scene 12 - Transcendence


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