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Ambiances magnétiques, Justin Time (1988-2011)

Atma Classique, Centrediscs, Starkland, Redshift (2012 - 2022)

April 2021 - RedShift Records - Triple CD boxed-set: "Actions Speak Louder"

2018 - 2019 - releases on Starkland Records
"Music for Large Ensemble" / "
The Happiness Handbook"

music-for-large-ensemble   IoH2-CD-cover-2019

A sample of previous recordings

    IOH 2016 CD  OSMB TB+SNS

24 Frames

  • April 2022 - Slow, Quiet Music in Search of Electric Happiness - Instruments of Happiness
    Electric guitar quartet music by: Louise Campbell, Rose Bolton, Andrew Noseworthy, Andrew Staniland
    Redshift Records TK497
  • April 2021 - Triple CD - Actions Speak Louder - Tim Brady
    Act 1 - Solos and a Quartet (w/Instruments of Happiness)
    Act 2 - Triple Concerto: Because Everything Has Changed
    Of Sound, Mind and Body - Tim Brady, Shawn Mativetsky (tabla, percussion), Helmut Lipsky (violon) - concerto for 3 improvisers and virtual orchestra
    Act 3 - Voices: Revolutionary Songs / As It Happened
    Bradyworks / Mirror Image Vocal Ensemble
    Redshift Records TK486, 487, 489
  • April 2019 - The Happiness Handbook
    Instruments of Happiness - electric guitar quartet
    Music by: Scott Godin, Tim Brady, Maxime McKinley, Jordan Nobles, Gordon Fitzell et Emily Hall
    Winner:  Prix OPUS 2020 - best album - musique actuelle/éléctroactoustique
  • September 2018 - Music For Large Ensemble - Starkland Records
    "Désir: concerto for electric guitar and large ensemble", "Eight songs about: Symphony #7"
    Music by Tim Brady.  Bradyworks ensemble with Tim Brady (solo - electric guitar), Vincent Ranaollo and Sarah Albu (voices) - Starkland Records
    Nominated: Prix Opus 2020 - best album - modern/contemporary
  • January 2018 - New Orford String Quartet: Par quatre chemins
    "String quartet #2: Journal" - by Tim Brady, plus quartets by F. Dompierre and
    I. Ichmaouratov - ATMA Classique
  • March 2016 - Instruments of Happiness: electric guitar quartet
    New chamber music for electric guitars with works by Tim Brady, Antoine Berthiaume and Rainer Wiens.  Guitarists: Tim Brady, Gary Schwartz, Michel Héroux, Antoine Berthiaume - Starkland Records - ST-224
  • Feb. 2016 - Of Sound, Mind and Body: Concert #3: Le Gesù
    Improvised music ensemble with Tim Brady (el. gtr.+electronics), Shawn Mativetsky (tabla+percussion), Helmut Lipsky (violin) and guest Gabriel Dharmoo (voice) - Redshift Records TK466
  • Sept. 2015 - The How and the Why of Memory: Tim Brady and Symphony Nova Scotia
    Centrediscs CMCCD 21515: Performances of Requiem 21.5 - Violin Concerto (R.Uchida - violin), The How and the Why of Memory: Symphony #4, Viola Concerto (J.Puchhammer-Sédillot - viola). Conducted by Bernhard Gueller.
    Winner: East Coast Music Award - Best Classical Recording of the Year
  • February 2013 - Atacama: Symphonie #3 - ATMA Classique ACD2 - 2676
    featuring 32 musicians, combining Bradyworks with the VivaVoce chamber choir
    Nomination: JUNO Awards 2014 - Best Classical Composition
  • October 2011- 24 Frames - Scatter - Ambiances magnétiques AM 206
    Double CD of solo guitar music and duos with musicians from Bradyworks
  • October 2010 - 24 Frames - Trance - Ambiances magnétiques AM 203

A CD+DVD of this multi-media projet for solo guitar, electronics (Brady) and video (Messier).

  • September 2009 - My 20th Century - Ambiances magnétiques AM 189

A CD+DVD of this multi-media work for 5 musicians, with music and text by Tim Brady and videos by Martin Messier and Oana Suteu

Nominated for a PRIX OPUS 2009-2010: Best contemporary/modern recording of the year

  • October 2007 - SCAT (because we all have voices and stories to tell) - Ambiances magnétiques AM 164

Australia's extraordinary chamber group Topology give stunning performances of four of Brady's most evocative and virtuoso  chamber works. Recorded in Brisbane, Australia.

  • October 2006 - GO [guitar obsession] - Ambiances magnétiques AM 156
    Brady's first solo guitar recording in 4 years combines several exceptional live performances with new studio recordings, including tape, looping, live computer and some flat-out improv. Music by Brady, Tristan Murail, Alexander Burton, Jean-François Laporte and Laurence Crane.
  • November 2005 - Three Cities in the Life of Dr. Norman Bethune - Ambiances magnétiques AM 139
    A one-act chamber opera for solo voice, 8 instruments and tape, featuring a passionate performance by baritone Michael Donovan. The work is an evocation of the last five years (1935 - 1939) in the life of this remarkable doctor, humanitarian and political activist.
    Nominated for a PRIX OPUS 2005-2006: Best contemporary/modern recording of the year
  • September 2004 - Playing Guitar: Symphony #1 - Ambiances magnétiques AM 125
    The premiere recording of Brady's first symphony, a 46-minute work for solo electric guitar, sampler, 15 musicians and live electronics. The work was recorded by its commissioner, the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, under the direction of Lorraine Vaillancourt. Also included is the work "Frame 1 - Resonance" for electric guitar, electronics and piano. A beautiful and ambitious recording project.
    Nominated for a 2004-2005 PRIX OPUS: Best contemporary/modern CD of the year
  • April 2003 - Unison Rituals - Ambiances magnétiques AM 110
    A CD of Brady's chamber and ensemble music for saxophone, include the saxophone quartet "Unison Rituals", three performances by Bradyworks ("Double Helix", "Two Chords Less Than a Blues" and "Escapement", featuring a scordatura guitar part), and a studio realisation of the work "Sound Off", which uses overdubbing to create an ensemble of 48 winds and 3 bass drums. Beautifully recorded at Concordia University's Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, and with great performances from the Quasar saxophone quartet, the KAPPA big band and Bradyworks. Brady'second release for Ambiances magnétiques.
  • November 2002 - Twenty Quarter Inch Jacks - Ambiances magnétiques AM 107
    A new CD of guitar music by Tim Brady, released to coincide with the premiere of the instrumental music theatre work "20 Jacks 1/4", for 20 young guitarists, commissioned by the international theatre festival "Les Coups de theatre". The title track is a 30-minute work for 20 overdubbed guitars, performed by Brady. Also included are two works from 2001, for guitar and sampler/tape: "Music Box Bell Curves ("Hello Paris!)" and "Sauchiehall Street". Almost 60 minutes of guitar madness - Brady's first release on the Ambiances magnétiques label.
  • 2000 - 10 Collaborations - Justin Time Records JTR - 8484/5-2.
    A double CD with almost 2 hours of music including 5 new works by Brady, plus music by Jeremy Peyton-Jones (UK), Wende Bartley (Canada), Tristan Murail (France), Yasuhiro Otani (Japan), Wes Wraggett (Canada) and Atle Pakusch Gundersen (Norway) for solo electric guitar and electronics, multiple guitars, and guitar and chamber ensemble, with guest performances from Bradyworks' soprano Annie Tremblay, harpsichordist vivé vinçent, computer musician Yasuhiro Otani and the Penderecki String Quartet.
    Listed as one of the "Best CDs of 2001"- Downbeat Magazine
  • 1997 - Strange Attractors - Justin Time Records JTR - 8464-2
    Tim Brady - solo electric guitar, electronics, multitrack and computer studio
    Six new works by Tim Brady created using a wide variety of contemporary electronic technology ranging from solo re-tuned guitar to works for computer controlled sound and guitar. Sonic exploration, wild guitar sounds, strong performances and the odd nice "tune" thrown in for good measure.
  • 1996 - Revolutionary Songs - Justin Time Records JTR - 8459-2
    Bradyworks - Tim Brady (gtr.); Nathalie Paulin (soprano); Marie-Josée Simard (perc.); Louise-Andrée Baril (pno.); André Leroux (sax.); Gordon Cleland (cello). The title track is a 39-minute song-cycle based on poetry from the Russian, Angolan, French and Nicaraguan revolutions, sung in English, French and Spanish. Also on the CD are the works Circling (saxophone and vibraphone), Three or Four Days After the Death of Kurt Cobain (cello and piano) and Walker Songs (solo soprano).
  • 1994 - Scenarios - Justin Time Records JTR - 8445-2
    Tim Brady - solo electric guitar and live electronics. Originally recorded live in the CBC studios for the radio show Two New Hours, this CD continues Brady's exploration into developing a new musical language for the electric guitar. Works by Brady, Michael Rosas Cobian, José-Manuel Montañés and Marc Tremblay.
  • 1992 - Imaginary Guitars - Justin Time Records JTR - 8440-2
    Tim Brady - solo electric guitar and live electronics. Voted one of the best guitar CDs of the year by Guitar Player's Editor Joe Gore, this recording presents four solo guitar works with electronics and tape by Brady along with pieces from Paul Dolden, René Lussier and Alain Thibault. The ultimate electroacoutsic guitar experience.
  • 1991 - Inventions - Justin Time Records JTR - 8433-2
    Bradyworks Tim Brady (gtr.); Marie-Josée Simard (perc.); Jacques Drouin (pno./sampler); Chris Best (cello); Simon Stone (sax.) with guest improvisers John Surman (sax.), Barre Phillips (bass) and Pierre Tanguay (perc.). The music from Brady's 1989 music / dance collaboration with choreographer Julie West, combining elements of jazz, minimalism and electroacoustics.
  • 1990 - Double Variations - Justin Time Records JTR - 8415-2
    Tim Brady - electric and acoustic guitars, electronics and synthesizer; John Abercrombie - electric guitar and guitar synthesizer. A large, 14-movement work which intercuts a series of duos between Brady and Abercrombie with 24-track overdubbed guitar textures created by Brady.
  • 1988 - Visions - Justin Time Records JTR - 8413-2
    L'Orchestre de chambre de Montréal, Wanda Kaluzny, conductor; Kenny Wheeler - trumpet & flugelhorn; Tim Brady - solo electric guitar and electronics. The title piece is a 34-minute piece for string orchestra and improvisational soloist and features some of Kenny Wheeler's best recorded solo work. Brady and Wheeler also play duets and Brady's first major work for guitar and electronics, Electric Waves, appears on this CD.

    Other compact discs featuring the music of Tim Brady
  • 20 Quarter Inch Jacks - a new studio recording: CD Variations by guitarist Ralph Maier (2015)
  • RANT! - for percussion and piano - Bev Johnston and Pam Reimer - Centredisques 18913 (2013)
    Triple Riffing - for clarinet, violin and piano - Ensemble Resonance - University of Calgary Records (2010)
  • Slow Dances - for clarinet and string quartet - Jean-Guy Boisver (cl.) + Quatuor Bozzini  - ATMA Classique ACD2 2552 (2008)
  • public space / private music - for solo tape (installation) - on "4 X 4 Commissions" CD, limited edition put out by the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, Scotland (2001)
  • Quartet 1998 - for saxophone quartet - on self-titled CD by the group Quasar - les Disques ATMA (2000)
  • Waiter, Waiter, Call the Manager - for big band - on the self-titled CD by the KAPPA ensemble (1998)
  • Trois histoires - Brady's performance of Roche noire (chronique irlandaise) appears on this recording of music by composer / guitarist René Lussier - Ambiance Magnetique 041CD (1996)
  • Circling - original version for flute and vibraphone - on Marie-Josée Simard and Lise Daoust's CD "L'Aube Enchantée - Enchanted Dawn" - Les Disques Atma ACD22115 (1997)
  • Reaching Past - for harpsichord and tape - on Vivienne Spiteri's "New Music for Harpsichord from Canada and the Netherlands" - Société nouvelle d'enregistrement SNE - 542 - CD (1988)
  • Changes - for piano, vibraphone and marimba - on Marie-Josée Simard's self-titled solo CD. SNE 572 - CD (1991)
  • Doubling - solo harpsichord version - on Vivienne Spiteri's "comme si l'hydrogène...the desert speaks" - J&W CD931 (1993)

Vinyl (no longer available - copies available on special order only)

  • 1987 - Persistence of Vision - Apparition A-0287-7
    Tim Brady - solo electric and acoustic guitars, delay devices, synthesizer
    Brady's second solo record increasingly uses electronics to enhance the compositional aspects of his guitar playing.A digital recording including a very early use of digital overdubbing using separate audio feeds to the inputs and outputs of the Sony PCM digital encoder.
  • 1985 - dR.E.aM.s - Apparition Records A-0485-5
    Tim Brady - solo electric and acoustic guitars A combination of improvised and composed pieces for solo guitars with little or no electronics or overdubbing. A digital recording.
  • 1984 - Music for Solo Piano - Apparition Records A-0984-4
    Three contemporary classical works for solo piano composed by Brady and performed by pianist Marc Widner.
  • 1983 - Chalk Paper - C Note Records 831043
    Tim Brady - electric & acoustic guitars; Neil Swainson - bass; Terry Clarke - drums and percussion. A jazz trio recording of six Brady originals combining contemporary jazz with elements of free improvisation and more structured compositions.

Photo: Laurence Labat